Hardware Update Logs


Wifi Kit 32 Hardware Update Logs




  • 2019-05 public sale;

  • Fixed charging status (orange LED) blinking problem;

  • 4MB (32M-bits) FLASH upgrade to 8MB (64M-bits) FLASH;

  • Better 2.4GHz antenna design and impendence matching;

  • Basic low power design (800uA in deep sleep);

  • Add battery power detection circuit. Use ADC2_4 (GPIO 13) to read battery voltage;

  • Add Vext power output pin, users can use this pin to drive some external device (sensor, motor etc.), when system need into deep sleep mode, Vext can be turn off. This pin was controlled by GPIO21, for example:

    • Turn ON: digitalWrite(21, LOW);

    • Turn OFF: digitalWrite(21, HIGH);

  • Circuit optimization, system more stable;

  • Better power manage system design.

  • Pinout diagram for V2;

  • Schematic diagram for V2;





ESP32-C3 Hardware Update Logs