Getting Started


Here is a T113 development board with LoRaWAN function.

Setting up your Sufficient IoT Hub

Make a SD Cards for Sufficient IoT Hub

  1. Download and unzip it.

  2. Insert the SD card into the computer with the card reader, and the computer will detect the SD card.

  3. Find the SD Card Formatter tool, double-click to open it, and select the card to be burned for formatting, as shown in the figure.

  1. Download T113_sdcard.img locally.

  2. Open the tool Win32DiskImager just downloaded, and burn it according to the following steps.

Note: SD needs at least 2G capacity, 8G memory card is recommended.

Establish Serial Connection

  1. Take the SD card you just burned and insert it into the development board.

  2. The development board uses serial port 3 (PB6, PB7) as the debug output serial port, the baud rate of the serial port is 115200, connect the serial port 3 to the computer above the serial software, you can see the printout.

Login Sufficient IoT OS

  1. You can see the login screen on top of the serial software.

Username: root Password: 123456.


Wi-Fi Connection

  1. Go under the /etc directory.

  2. Use the following statement for networking.

bash yourssid  yourpwssd   1

Ethernet Connection

  1. You need to plug in the Internet cable first.

  2. Execute the following statement to connect to the Internet.

udhcpc -i eth0