Connect CubeCell to LoRaWAN Server


  1. In this document, all operations and tests must be performed with a standard LoRaWAN Gateway, In the CubeCell’s LoRaWAN library, for each working band, we are strictly follow LoRaWAN™ 1.0.2 Regional Parameters rB.


    LoRaWAN protocol is the essence of all LoRa applications. In our opinion, the most prominent benefits of LoRaWAN are as follows:

    • Very friendly for low power applications. For example, your application need send data to server every 10 minutes, then in a cycle, only ~1 second is in the state of sending, other 9 minutes and 59 seconds are in low sleep low power Consuming status.

    • A star network can be formed via a LoRa Gateway, nodes and gateways from different manufacturers can communicate with each other through LoRaWAN protocols;

    • The protocol already includes processing mechanisms such as blocking, automatic frequency modulation, and encryption, which can better ensure the smooth flow of nodes and gateway;

    • ADR (Adaptive Data Rate).



    In this example, we use HT-M01 Mini Gateway in Windows® 10. Test band: EU868, others working band is similar.

    Running an example in Arduino

    In the “LoRa” path, all examples named with “LoRaWAN_xxx” format are the examples with LoRaWAN protocol, choose one of them.

    Don’t forget config the parameters in “Tools” menu, here is my configration for EU868:


    Connect to TTN/TTS

    Before that, make sure there is a LoRa Gateway active in your TTN/TTS account.

    Register a device

    Register a new device in TTN or TTS “Applications” page. Select the corresponding Brand, Model, Hardware Version, Firmware Version, Region.

    Select the frequency plan, and fill in the corresponding AppEUI, DevEUi, AppKey, and register the device.

    After registration is complete, if all is well, you will see the device active.

    Connect to ChirpStack

    Register a new device in ChirpStack’s “Applications” page. Enter the device name, description, DevEUI. Select Device-profile.

    Enter the Application key of the device.

    After registration is complete, if all is well, you will see the device active.



    Important Hints

    Please double check the following two things:

    1. The LoRaWAN parameters is the same as server!

    2. The listening frequency of your LoRa Gateway is the same as CubeCell’s sending frequency. We strictly follow LoRaWAN™ 1.0.2 Regional Parameters rB;