Hardware Update Logs


Wireless Shell Hardware Update Logs

Wireless Shell is equivalent to Wireless Stick Lite without peripheral circuit,so peripheral circuit needs to be added when using,such as power supply part, serial port part,etc.


  • First release

  • 2017-06-01 public sale

  • Pinout diagram of V1

  • Schematic diagram of V1

    The schematic diagram of Wireless Shell is restricted technical data,it will become downloadable after purchase.Please read this document:Get Limited Technical Resources .


  • 2022-09-15 public sale

  • MCU is changed from ESP32-PICO-V3 to ESP32-S3FN8. Specific differences of MCU are shown in:https://products.espressif.com/#/product-comparison.

  • LoRa chip changed from SX1276 to SX1262.

  • The LoRa crystal oscillator is upgraded to temperature compensated crystal oscillator.

  • The size, appearance, pin layout and power pins remain unchanged, but the GPIO sequence has changed. Please refer to Pinout diagram.

  • Pinout diagram of V3.


HT-CT62 Hardware Update Logs

HT-CT62 only have ESP32 and RF relevant circuit inside. In order to program it, need connect to an external UART-USB bridge. CH340G, CP2102 etc.