Quick Start


Power supply

The HT-M00S is powered by 5V DC, and the interface is USB Type-C.


After the device is powered on, long press the USER key until the device RGB changes to yellow, and release the key.

At this time, find the WiFi named HT-M00S-XXXX through PC or mobile phone , and connect to this WiFi.

After connecting to WiFi, enter in the browser and enter to enter the configuration page.

The configuration page parameters are defined as follows:

  • WiFi-MAC MAC address of HT-M00S;

  • WiFi-SSID The WiFi account connected to the network;

  • WiFi-PASS The WiFi password connected to the network;

  • SF Spreading factor, match with a node;

  • Freq Transmitting frequency of gateway LoRa, it must be a frequency point, such as 470300000, which means 470MHz band / 0 channel;

  • Gateway ID The ID of the HT-M00S, used for server registration;

  • Server Addr HT-M00S needs to connect to the server address;

  • Port up Port down Server uplink and downlink ports;

  • Submit Submit when the configuration is complete;

  • Firmware Update OTA update.

After configuration, click submit, and the gateway will restart automatically, You can tell when the device is running by looking at the RGB lights.

Common Problems and Solutions

  • Question: Nodes are always “Joining”.

    Solution: Common reasons are mismatches between node and gateway settings, such as frequency band, channel, SF, etc. Please note that this gateway only supports 125K bandwidth.

  • Question: Nodes no longer work after changing servers or gateways.

    Solution: Please restart your node device, So that the node can rejoin the network.

  • After the configuration is completed, the device indicator light is always blue and cannot be connected to the network.

    Solution: Please check whether the power supply of the equipment is sufficient, Especially if you have used a USB adapter; Check that the Wi-Fi SSID and password are correct.