SX1303 Startup Tutorial

Hardware connection

  1. Connect SX1303 to the development board as shown in the figure.

Software operation steps

  1. Connect Ethernet or WiFi, just connect one of them

udhcpc -i eth0 # Connecting Ethernet

cd /etc/
bash ssid passwd 1 # Connect to WiFi
  1. Recompile SX1303 firmware

cd /home/lora/sx130x_hal/
make clean && make
  1. Choose the desired frequency band

#There are many frequency bands in this file. Choose the frequency band you want and copy it to global_conf.json
cd /home/lora/sx130x_hal/packet_forwarder 
cp -f global_conf_CN470_0-7.json global_conf.json
  1. SX1303 server matching

vim global_conf.json
#These four options correspond to the information on your own server
#The port generally does not need to be modified, it is 1700
# "gateway_ID": "7C9EBDFFFF5B4BA9",
# /* change with default server address/ports */
# "server_address": "",
# "serv_port_up": 1700,
# "serv_port_down": 1700,
  1. Start SX1303

cd /home/lora/sx130x_hal/packet_forwarder