HT-M02 System Upgrade



HT-M02 have two method to upgrade the system.

Via Micro TF card


The power source for HT-M02 cannot be cut off during the upgrade process, or it may cause permanent damage to the HT-M02 gateway.

Making a System Recovery / Upgrade Card

The process of making a system recovery / upgrade card is exactly the same as the process of making a Raspberry Pi system card. If you have experience using Raspberry Pi, this part of the operation will be very simple.


Flash the Firmware to Micro TF card

Select Micro TF card by click 1, select firmware files from disk by click 2, and click Write.

Flash complete, the Micro TF card in your computer should like this:

Now the system recovery / upgrade card made complete.

Upgrade System


  • Power OFF HT-M02 gateway and insert the Micro TF card into the TF card slot;


Make sure the Micro TF card already insert into the slot, press the REC key, and then power ON HT-M02. Generally speaking, the upgrade process should be: Insert TF card --> Keep press REC key --> Power ON.

During the upgrade process, RX LED blink all the time, logs will output via UART.

When RX stop blink, system upgrade complete. Power OFF HT-M02 and remove Micro TF card. When the HT-M02 power ON next time, the new system will running from eMMC.

  • Default login username: debian

  • Default login password: temppwd


Don’t forget remove the Micro TF card, or the system will running from TF card automatically in the next powe ON, and the system will be upgrade again.