How to programming a CubeCell Module


CubeCell module provide two version:

  • AT command only

    • For the flash size reason, the “AT command only” HTCC-AM01 only provide CN470-510MHz hardware versions, sending & lestening frequency are fixed (Channel 0~7), cannot be configured by software, and can’t upgrade without special hardwares.

  • Arduino compatible & AT command

    • Support AT command defaultly, already have an actived Arduino bootloader, can development via Arduino.

This document is for the “Arduino compatible & AT command” version. Take HTCC-AM01 as an example.

CubeCell module (HTCC-AM01) only have ASR6501and RF relevant circute inside. In order to program it, need connect to a external UART-USB bridge. CH340G, CP2102 etc.


1. Recommend Circuit

There are two recommend schematics:

2. Preparation

  • Install the CubeCell development framework correctly (Reference resources);

  • Connect your redesigned board to a computer, make sure useing a high quality Micro USB cable;

  • success access the bootloader mode, following log will be print via serial port:

If use the Arduino compatible circuit, and system into bootloader mode automatically, will not see this log. Log printed by CubeCell normally, but the com port used by IDE for programming purpose, there is no place to show.

3. Program via Arduino IDE;