Wireless Stick


Wireless Stick is a development board for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LoRa. Its functions are basically the same as “WiFi Lora 32”, except that the screen is reduced to 0.49 inch and a shielding shell is added.

The Wireless Stick is composed up of an MCU (ESP32-S3FN8) and Semtech LoRa Transceivers (SX1262), perfectly support Arduino. Users can easily carry out secondary development and application.

Wireless Stick Quick Start(development framework and special libraries), please refer to Heltec ESP32 series Quick Start.

LoRaWAN example please refer to: Heltec ESP32 series LoRaWAN example.

Meshtastick Quick Start, please refer to this link: Meshtastick Quick Start.


The device uses the firmware of Wireless Stick Lite, it does not have a display function.

Download related resources, including schematics, pin diagrams, and data sheets: https://resource.heltec.cn/download/Wireless_Stick.