Getting Started


Power supply

HRI-3621 integrates a 1100aMh rechargeable lithium battery, charging voltage is 5V and its charging interface is magnetic-2P, a single filling time is about 3~4 hours.

RGB light status description

The HRI-362x series has a wealth of indicator effects, which can help you more easily use the device, or determine the status of the device.


Enter Configuration mode

  • Long press the button on the top of the device, and the device will first display White light and then Yellow light. At this time, release your finger.


If the blue light/green light blinks sequentially after long press, it means that the device is in working state. At this point, long press the device will shut down, fter 5 seconds, release the button and repeat the above operation until the indicator light turns yellow.

  • Find the WiFi named Sensor_Hub_xxxx with your PC or mobile phone, connect it.

  • In the browser, type, enter the configuration page.

Parameter Definition

Configure the parameters according to specific requirements on the configuration page, and click Submit after the configuration is completed.The following is the definition of each parameter.

  • Sensor Data Page: This page will show real-time data when clicked, and you’ll need to refresh it by clicking Refresh.

  • LoRaWAN Configuration Page: Shows the parameter configuration associated with LoRaWAN.

    • Network access mode LoRaWAN network access mode.

    • NwkSKey appSKey devAddr ABP node parameters, must be consistent across the server.

    • RxWindow1Delay unit:S Receive window 1 delay.

    • RxWindow2Delay unit:S Receive window 2 delay.

    • Rx2dr Window 2 data rate adaptive.

    • DevEui appEui appKey OTAA node parameters, must be consistent across the server.

    • AppTxDutyCycle unit:S Node transmission period.

    • AppPort AppPort.

    • Channel_start LoRaWAN channel start.

    • Channel_end LoRaWAN channel end.

    • LoRaWanClassLoRaWAN Class A, Class C.

    • IsTxConfirmed Send Receive confirmation

    • LoRa signal light Signal LED light switch.

    • Adr Data rate adaptation.

  • Submit: Configuration is complete, click here to submit.

  • OTA UPDATE: Sensor Hub for Industry series supports OTA upgrade.


Power off

After the configuration is completed, long press the button for five seconds, and when the light goes off, the device is shut down.

Power on

Press the button for 3 seconds. When the button shows white light, release the button. At this time, the device enters the working state, where the sending is green light and the receiving is purple light.

Common problems and solutions

  • Unable to confirm device working status.

Press the device button once, and if it shows blue light, it will wake up, and the device will upload a message immediately.

  • The device could not be turned on.

Try to connect its charging cable and turn it on while it is charging.

  • RGB light does not respond when sending and receiving.

Go to the configuration page and see if the LoRa signal light option is turned on.