Quick Start


HRU-3601 employs LoRaWAN communication, and utilizes Web for easy configuration via WiFi. The parameters that can monitor include: TVOC, eCO2, temperature and humidity. It has powerful function, light appearance, easy installation, suitable for home life, industrial production and other indoor occasions.

Power on

Connect the USB cable to the power port through the adapter.

Long press the USER button for 3 seconds, and the device indicator turns blue. At this time, find the WIFi named HRU-3601-XXXX through PC or mobile phone and connect to it.

Enter192.168.4.1in your browser to navigate to the configuration page of HRU-3601.

In the configuration page, you can modify the relevant parameters of LoRa. Once the configuration is complete, click Submit. The blue light goes off, press the RST button to start sending.

Common problems and solutions

  • The browser will not connect

    If you type “”, the browser will not connect,please check if you are connected to the WiFi of the device you are configuring.

  • Device not working

    After each configuration, you must press the RST to put the device into work mode.

  • The temperature data is not accurate.

    Some operations may cause CPU temperature to rise, please disconnect the power and allow HRU-3601 to cool down for a period of time.