ASR-650x Series


We believe the `CubeCell(ASR-650X) Series <>`_(ASR-650x) is the best choice for LoRaWAN node applications. The following are some of the key features:

  • Fully compatible with the Arduino development environment;

  • Based on an ultra low power design, attains 3.5uA in deep sleep mode, even with the RTC clock running;

  • LoRa signal output put power range 0~22(±1) dBm;

  • Low-cost despite its current state of the art technology;

  • Integrated encryption algorithm protects your investment by rendering cloned firmware inoperative;

  • Based on proven technology - the new ASR650x, is a combination of the PSoC4000 and SX1262 into a single chip, reducing the overall size to something smaller than the competition;

  • Solar panel support;

  • LoRaWAN protocol support;

  • AT command support;

  • In the LoRaWAN relevant examples, have a reasonable timeline planning.


for example, an application need send data to server every 10 minutes, then in a cycle, only ~1 second is in the state of sending, other 9 minutes and 59 seconds are in deep sleep low power Consuming status.

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