Hardware Update Logs


Wireless Stick Lite Hardware Update Logs


  • First release

  • 2017-6-1 public sale

  • Pinout diagram of V1

  • Schematic diagram of V1

  • The schematic diagram of Wireless Stick Lite is restricted technical data,it will become downloadable after purchase.Please read this document:Get Limited Technical Resources .


  • 2022-09-15 public sale

  • MCU is changed from ESP32-PICO-V3 to ESP32-S3FN8. Specific differences of MCU are shown in:https://products.espressif.com/#/product-comparison.

  • USB interface changed from Micro USB to Type-C.

  • LoRa chip changed from SX1276 to SX1262.

  • The LoRa crystal oscillator is upgraded to temperature compensated crystal oscillator.

  • The size, appearance, pin layout and power pins remain unchanged, but the GPIO sequence has changed. Please refer to Pinout diagram.

  • Pinout diagram of V3.

  • Schematic diagram of V3.

  • https://resource.heltec.cn/download/HT-CT62/HT-CT62.png)