How to programming a ESP32 Module


This document uses Wireless_ Shell as an example.

Wireless_ Shell only have ESP32 and RF relevant circute inside. In order to program it, need connect to a external UART-USB bridge. CH340G, CP2102 etc.


1. Recommend Circuit

Please refer to the recommended circuit design for your circuit.

  • Recommend circuit

    • This circuit have an auto boot circuit, can running into bootloader mode automatically.

2. Preparation

  • Install the ESP32 development framework correctly (Reference resources);

  • Connect your redesigned board to a computer, make sure useing a high quality Micro USB cable;

  • Use the serial port debugging assistant to open the serial port and check whether the serial port can print information normally.

3. Program via Arduino IDE

Open Arduino, select “Tools” ->”Board” ->”Wireless Stick Lite”, click “Upload” to start uploading the program. Since the core circuits of Wireless_ Shell and Wireless_Stick_Lite are the same, they can use the same development environment.