Getting Started


Download firmware

Search this link for the firmware version you want to download:

Enter debug mode

Switch on the power supply, press the button to enter the configuration mode, and then the white light flashes quickly.

Enter the configuration page

Locate the device hotspot and connect to it. Enter on the web page to go to the device configuration page.


If you forget how to access the diagram configuration page, see Quick Start.

Firmware upgrade

Click on the red box below, select the firmware you downloaded, and then click Upgrade.

Relocation information

After the upgrade is complete, all configurations will be reset. You need to go back to the configuration page to complete the configuration

Common problems and solutions

  • The browser will not connect If you type “”, the browser will not connect,please check if you are connected to the WiFi of the device you are configuring.

  • Device not working After each configuration, you must press the switch to put the device into “work mode”.