LoRaWAN example Sub-Band usage (AU915)



In the LoRaWAN protocol, there are detailed regulations in various countries or regions. These regulations include uplink and downlink Channel Frequency, Bandwidth, Duty cycle etc.

LoRaWAN 1.0.2 rvB Regional Parameters

Let’s take AU915 as an example:

Then, let’s look into our code: (In the .ino file corresponding to LoRaWAN)

Refer to “LoRaWAN” for CubeCell series,refer to “OTTA” for ESP32 series.

Here are 6 arrays defined all channels of LoRaWAN protocol for AU915. In the userChannelsMask[0], 0x00FF means use the first 0-7 channels, they are 915.2MHz, 915.4MHz, 915.6MHz … 916.6MHz. When you set the value to 0xFF00, it means the upload channels changed to 8-15, they are 916.8MHz, 917.0MHz … 918.2MHz. More detail… see the below picture:

TTN uses 2nd Sub-Band only (channels 8 to 15 and 65) for AU915: https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/lorawan/frequency-plans.html

How To?

Generally speaking… To change the channel to 8-15,we just need to change the channelsMaskTemp[0]=0xFF00;, then the uplink frequency will be changed to TTN supported.

BTW. the listening frequency in your LoRa gateway must be the same as the TTN server. it’s defined in your gateway’s gloable_conf.json file.